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900’s Coptic Synaxarial system orders calendar of Egyptian saints.
900’s Sawirus (Severus) Ibn al-Muqaffa, bishop of al-Ashmuayn (Ushmanain), writes twenty-six books of history and theology in Arabic, especially, History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria.
910–920 Gabriel I, patriarch of Alexandria.
912 Great Church of Alexandria burned.
920–932 Cosmas III, patriarch of Alexandria.
932–952 Macarius I, patriarch of Alexandria.
935–960 Ikhshidid caliphs rule.
956–974 Menas II, patriarch of Alexandria.
975–978 Abraham, patriarch of Alexandria.
996–1021 Persecution of Coptic Church of Egypt continues under Caliph el-Hakim.
1000 First millennium C.E. ends under Fatimid rule of al-Hakim; Philotheus, patriarch of Alexandria (979-1003.)
1000 Ps.-Daniel, Coptic Daniel, XIV Vision, Apocalypse on Daniel 7.