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How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind

Chapter 8

Right Remembering

Key Names, Places and Terms

Rule of faith (regula fidei) is the baptismal confession that the faithful learn when they become baptized; the key reasoning of triune teaching: God the Father reveals himself in his Son through the Holy Spirit.

Rule of charity is the consequent life of the believer that communicates the love of God through the love of the neighbor by acts of mercy, generosity, and gentleness.

American Fundamentalism with its rationalistic spirit is not to be identified with African Orthodoxy. Fundamentalism was a response to the failure of the European Enlightenment. It is a defensive reaction against modernity and therefore dependent on modernity. African Orthodoxy precedes and transcends modern consciousness and modern period.


  1. Some argue that orthodoxy is the name given to winners and heretic to the losers of political battles. Is orthodoxy the result of political and economic coercion? Explain your answer in light of the history of African martyrdom?
  2. Read Psalm 78. What are the consequences for the people of God when they do not remember rightly the work of God? Or not take God’s moral decrees seriously?
  3. How are the living conditions of early African Christians similar to present day African Christians? Dissimilar?
  4. Orthodoxy resists racial definitions of truth. How do Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism distort right remembering of the apostolic teachings?