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Nigeria 2014 Seminar class

140 Attend CEAC Seminar in Nigeria

Jan. 28, 2014

by Joel Elowsky

The CEAC conducted a seminar for the minimester term at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary in Ogbomoso Nigeria from January 14-19. The seminar was conducted by CEAC's research director, Dr. Joel Elowsky. The seminar provides an introduction to the subject of early African Christianity to M.Div and Graduate level students who are studying for the Masters and Ph.D degrees. Subject covered include an introduction to the main figures of early African Christianity, African Spirituality and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Living Faithfully in Africa which includes a discussion of the early martyrs and monastic traditions in Africa.
There were many enthusiastic responses to the seminar from students who saw how the early African Christians were relevant to African life today. Discussions of spirituality and martyrdom elicited stories of similar experiences. The deep doctrinal teaching of the Fathers was also recognized as a challenge to Africans today to continue that deep theological reflection.

One student wrote, "I thank God for your life and I thank you too. I have heard of Athanasius before but you made it more compelling and challenging when you discussed his many feats, challenges and victories . . . After seeing my Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, I would like to see Athanasius of Alexandria and Perpetua and Felictas, then others if that is permitted. Sir, this is my prayer and commitment; I will not receive the grace of God in vain. I will not waste my strength on things not profitable to God and his Kingdom. I will contend for the faith and keep it pure to the end and pass it also, so that generations after will not curse but thank God for me, like these saints of God. I trust the Holy Spirit for strength and grace in Jesus' Name. . . . Yours in Christ, Adewale Paul Abiola"