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African Methodists Singning

Africa Influencing Methodism

Nov. 11, 2013

by Joel Elowsky

The Methodist church in Africa is having a profound influence on the churches of the West, just as has been the case with the Episcopal and Lutheran churches in Africa. Especially on issues such as human sexuality and abortion the clarion call of Africa's churches is ringing in some unlikely places as global Christianity grapples with Africa's contribution to world Christianity. Our Center has often said that Africa's future is rooted in its past; just as Africa was a leader in world Christianity in the early centuries of the church's history, it is poised to be a leader again today in a Christianity that is becomingly increasinglyl secularized among many of the mainline denominations.

There is an an article in First Things on the web by Mark Tooley that highlights how African influence in the Methodist church has helped turn back the push towards acceptance of same sex marriage. It is another testimony to the role Africa can and will play in the 21st century church as it stays faithful to Scripture and to its roots in early Christianity.