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St. Mena

$2000 1st Prize in Patristic Studies

Aug. 11, 2013

by Joel Elowsky



$2000 First Prize

Prize in Patristic Exegesis

$1000 Additional Prizes

The submitted manuscripts will be assessed by quality of argumentation, clarity of exposition, significance of the position argued, degree to which the paper advances the topic under discussion, contribution to global Christianity and depth of understanding of the ancient Christian writers.

The paper must be a previously unpublished manuscript submitted in English. Manuscripts selected may be submitted simultaneously to peer-reviewed journals, or may be published digitally in English but in order for them to be considered for a prize, the articles submitted to other journals or publications must have a non-exclusive right to reprint agreement in order to be considered for award prizes in order to allow the ICCS to publish the paper, if it so chooses.