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Christian History Magazine - Africa

Jul. 9, 2013

by Joel Elowsky

Christian History Magazine has devoted its most recent issue to the history of Christianity in Africa. There are articles ranging from exploring ancient archaeological ruins to contemporary worshiping communities. You can learn more about some of the famous theologians, martyrs and pastors who influenced the church of their own day and continue to influence the church today. There are some perhaps better known than others. There is also a helpful exploration of the textual and theological tradition in Africa from various scholars. We especially encourage you to check out the article by Michael Glerup, our executive director and the interview with Thomas Oden, the director of CEAC on the importance of early African Christianity for today.

We recommend the whole issue to help you become more informed on early African Christianity. You will also benefit from the pictures, many of which were provided by our center, to help put African Christianity in context. We commend the editors of Christian History Magazine for an excellent issue on early African Christianity