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Augustine's Algeria

Trip to Algeria Postponed

Jan. 25, 2013

by Joel Elowsky

We sent out a note in our recent newsletter concerning the CEAC tour scheduled for this Spring to Algeria.

In light of recent events in Algeria we decided to postpone our upcoming Early African Christianity heritage tour. We plan to reschedule the tour for fall 2013. Please contact us for more information on the itinerary and pricing.

Christianity’s rich historical and spiritual heritage has shaped this region’s unique history and from there has been impacting the world for nearly 2,000 years. Anyone desiring to broaden his or her understanding of early Christianity will find North Africa brimming with opportunity to visit well-preserved ancient sites. Its roots in early African Christianity run deep and we would like Africa to again become familiar with its indigenous Christian history. We hope that tensions will ease and that we can introduce you to this fascinating part of the world where Christianity's roots run deep.

In the meantime, we would invite you to visit the site of Professor James O'Donnell, a leading Augustine scholar who has written on Augustine the African. In 1991, there was a conference on Augustine in Algeria that brought together scholars from around the world at a time when Algeria was in crisis (even as it is today) in order to look at the significance of Augustine for Africa but also for the wider community. His account is fascinating and includes pictures of sites as well as his and other scholars' ruminations on Augustine. It will prove beneficial in preparation for the time when we are able to schedule our tour.