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Nigerian Seminar Participants

Nigerian Seminar Draws 75 students

Jan. 24, 2013

by Joel Elowsky

Dr. Michael Glerup and Dr. Joel Elowsky recently  held a seminar on early African Christianity at the Nigerian Baptist Seminary in Ogbomoso. The seminar introduced the students to the early African Church fathers indigenous to the continent of Africa in the earliest centuries of the church's history. In addition the seminar presented topics on early African spirituality, the roots of early African monasticism and Scriptural exegesis, concluding with some of the lost histories of early African Christianity.

Among comments heard were, "This information needs to be spread to the local level, so that our churches can know of Christianity's long, indigenous presence on the continent of Africa." "This seminar has changed my life." "Our Nigerian church leaders from all traditions need to hear this message."

We will feature more on the seminar in future posts and on our Facebook page where we will have more pictures.