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Origen, Cyprian, Tertullian on the Lord's Prayer

The African Fathers and the Lord's Prayer

Dec. 18, 2012

by Joel Elowsky


On the Lord’s Prayer: An Online Course sponsored by the Center for Early African Christianity


The Lord’s Prayer played a significant role in the life of the Church in Africa and the formation of the individual believer. This prayer taught to the disciples by Christ is at the core of Christian life and practice and served as a perfect summary of the Gospel. In this short seminar we will read and study together three and possibly, if time permits, four of the most important treatise on the Lord’s Prayer written in the Early African Church. The first two readings will focus on works produced in Carthage (near modern day Tunis): Tertullian’s On Prayer and Cyprian of Carthage’s On the Lord’s Prayer. The third reading will be Origen’s On Prayer composed for the Christian community in Alexandria, Egypt. If time permits, we will finish with a reading of Augustine’s Sermon 56: on the Lord’s Prayer.


The goal of this seminar is to read these works on prayer in their social and literary context so that we can develop a better understanding of the practice of prayer and the role the Lord’s Prayer played in the formation of the church in Africa.

Cost: $25 + book
More info:

Course Instructor: Michael Glerup, PhD.

Course times: Saturday 10 to 11:30 AM EST (allows for international participation)

Course dates: Jan 19-Feb 9, 2013

Class discussions will be hosted on Google+


The primary text for the class will be:

On The Lord's Prayer (Popular Patristics Series) [available in print, or in Kindle Edition] editor Alistair Stewart-Sykes. (Older translations are available for free on various Internet sites.)


Secondary literature (not required):

1.      Brown, Michael Joseph. The Lord's Prayer through North African Eyes: A Window into Early Christianity

2.      Hall, Christopher. Worshipping with the Church Fathers.

3.      Stevenson, Kenneth. The Lord's Prayer: A Text in Tradition