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Dr Elowsky at Beautiful Feet Conference

CEAC featured at Beautiful Feet Conference

Nov. 4, 2012

by Joel Elowsky

Dr. Joel Elowsky, Research Director of the CEAC, was invited to speak at the Beautiful Feet Conference at Concordia University Wisconsin. This conference gathered together more than 200 university students from around the US and the globe around the issue of global missions. Participants came from as far as Ethiopia to hear of the impact early African Christianity can have on Christianity in the world today. Many students remarked how they had little idea of the impact Africa has had on world Christianity.  As one participant who is studying to be a pastor/missionary remarked, "This has sparked an interest to study these resources so I can be better informed in my own mission work and ministry." Students from Ethiopia inquired about opportunities for the Centers work there. Overall, participants agreed that the Centers work is very much related to the chuch's mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that it is grounded deeply in the faith and life of the church.