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Seminar on Early African Christianity - Baptist Seminary, Ogbomoso, Nigeria: January 7-11, 2013

Previous Seminar Schedule – Subject to Revision:


10 Hours – 10 sessions: 50 minutes each


Session 1: Introduction to the seminar, using the video and talking about the thesis and the seven ways Africa has shaped the Christian mind. Include discussion about what constitutes Africa. Should Egypt be considered a part of Africa? Why or why not? What are the disadvantages? What might be the advantages? How do the South and North relate?


Session 2 – The Biblical evidence for Africa in both Old and New Testaments.


Session 3 – After the New Testament period – Christianity in the 1st three centuries in Africa – key figures and churches

  • The Gospel in Cyrene, Libya and Alexandria via Mark and Barnabas
  • Alexandria more than Rome is early intellectual center of Christianity
  • The Jewish and Greek character of North African Alexandria
  • Martyrdom – the Scillitan martyrs
  • Major figures
    • Tertullian
    • Cyprian
    • Clement of Alexandria
    • Origen of Alexandria
    • Anthony (3rd and 4th centuries)
  • Minor Figures
    • The Gnostics (who were major figures at the time)
    • Figures mentioned by Jerome in his “Lives of Illustrious Men”


Session 4 – Christianity in Africa in the 4th-5th centuries – key figures and churches

  • Major Figures
    • Athanasius
    • Cyril of Alexandria
    • Augustine
  • Minor Figures
    • Abba Moses
    • Arius
    • Didymus the Blind
    • Lactantius
    • Optatus



Session 5 – Ways Africa Shaped the Christian Mind – Exegesis, with a focus on the Alexandrian School


Session 6 – The Nubian contribution and presence - video


Session 7 - Ways Africa Shaped the Christian Mind – the roots of Monasticism in the soil of Africa


Session 8 – Ways Africa Shaped the Christian Mind – Conciliar Tradition – demonstrating the presence of African Christianity and it


Session 9 – Ways Africa Shaped the Christian Mind – African Spirituality – a unique contribution


Session 10 – Conclusion/Exam or Assigning of Paper