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Mourning the Loss of Pope Shenouda III

by Joel Elowsky

We were recently informed of the death of our friend, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. Pope Shenouda, Pope of Alexandria and 117th Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, was a champion of the African church in Egypt during a time of repressive policies against the Coptic minority. More recently, during this time of political upheaval with the Arab Spring, the Pope remained a stalwart witness to the central the message of Jesus Christ as the only solid rock on which our faith can be built. He also was a pope for the people, making himself available each week to answer the questions of his parishioners. Under his leadership the Coptic church has grown in numbers and influence in Egypt and in the diaspora.

The pope died on March 17th of this past week, and on March 21st he was laid to rest at his monastery of St. Bishoy. As His Grace Bishop Angaelos noted in a letter to us, "It is undoubtedly a sad occurrence that brings us together, yet as a Church,we are confident in the knowledge that our Lord, through the power of His Resurrection, promises us life after death." And so we join our brothers and sisters in the Coptic Church in thanking the Lord for the life of His Holiness here on this earth and his life now also in heaven. 

Our dear friend Archbishop Mouneer Anis wrote a moving tribute to which we direct our readers

Requiescat in pacem

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