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CEAC Blog Archive: January, 2013

Resources for African students and scholars

by Joel Elowsky

The Society of Biblical Literature, through the ICI project, offers free online PDF files to scholars and students who would not otherwise have access to these resources. Most scholars and students in sub-Saharan Africa qualify for this program. The link below is a list of the publications available. If interested please email for more info.

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Thomas Oden

Core Hypothesis of Center for Early African Christianity

by Joel Elowsky with Thomas Oden

When the CEAC was first organized, one of the first issues we struggled with was whether or not we were needed or not. We knew that that were very talented scholars and church leaders in Africa who would be capable of carrying on the work we were proposing.

We decided to hold a consultation in 2008 to consult with these scholars and church leaders. We invited key leaders from all different parts of Africa and from many different denominations, including Coptic, Ethiopian, Catholics, Evangelicals, etc., both scholars and church leaders. Thomas Oden, the Director of the Center, presented the following core

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