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CEAC Blog Archive: October, 2012

Coptic Gospel of John

The Coptic Textual Tradition for the Gospel of John

by Joel Elowsky

For those interested in textual criticism, I was recently made aware of a new book that explores the coptic tradition of translation around the Gospel of John. Here is the write-up:

Askeland, Christian

John's Gospel

The Coptic Translations of its Greek Text

Series:Arbeiten zur neutestamentlichen Textforschung 44

89,95 € / $126.00*

xiv, 289 pages

ISBN:  978-3-11-028143-9


Aims and Scope


This monograph explores the history of the Coptic tradition of John’s gospel, considering when these ancient Egyptian witnesses are profitable for determining the earliest readings of their Greek sourcetext . The standard critical edition of the Greek New Testament cites the Coptic versions no fewer than 1,000 times in John’s

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A Letter of Thanks

by Joel Elowsky via Pastor (Dr) Uchenna Aligwekwe

The following is a letter from one of our web readers who contacted us about how our work has helped him with his vision for Africa. We provide it to you to rejoice with us in the fruits of our labors:

Good day to you Dr Oden,

My name is Dr U Aligwekwe. I stumbled across the CEAC website quite by chance while researching material for a book I am writing with the title, 'Blackness: A Perspective from the Bible and from Early Christian History'. Suffice it to say that the wealth of information I gleaned from the website was nothing less than

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