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CEAC Blog Archive: June, 2012

Ethiopian DNA clues

DNA Evidence and the Queen of Sheba

by Joel Elowsky

Recent studies with DNA research point to a possible link of the Queen of Sheba with Ethiopia. DNA research may prove helpful in exploring other previously unidentified links with Africa that wil further help us understand Africa's unique contribution to our Judaeo-Christian heritage. You can find the article from the BBC by Helen Briggs in the link below:

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St. Catharines Lbrary

St. Catharines Monastery Going Digital

by Joel Elowsky

The Monastery at St. Catharines is going digital, digitizing its MSS for use by scholars. You can follow the link below to read the story in Egypt Independent.

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Mount Kilamanjaro

Fundraising climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro for July16-21, 2012

by Joel Elowsky


Our good Friends at the School of Leadership and Development have organized a fundraising climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro for July16-21, 2012. The funds collected will benefit scholarships for African leaders in SLD’s Africa programs. Dr. Beth Birmingham (EDEV '00), Stephanie Nitschke (IDEV '12) and Tim Paulson (IDEV student) are making the climb. If you are interested in supporting African leaders and contributing to the event, please visit contributions are welcome. Follow the blog for the climb:

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Royal African Soup Tureen

An African Proverb for Fathers Day

by Joel Elowsky

I received this from our good friend and consultation group member Thomas Oduro:

The Akans of Ghana say the following proverb:

The head of an animal is never lost in soup.

This implies that the contributions of someone can neither be ignored nor disregarded.

Happy Father’s Day for adding value to the lives of many. Your fatherly input in the lives of many is cherished.


On behalf of the Oduros.

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Origen the African

New Discovery of Origen Psalms Commentary in Greek

by Joel Elowsky

Previously undiscovered homilies in Greek of the African commentator Origen on  Psalm 36 were recently discovered in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.  Check out the link that announces the discovery:

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Coptic Announcement on Same Sex Civil Marriage

by Joel Elowsky

I received the following press release from our friend Bp Angaelos in Britain concerning the Coptic church's stance on same sex marriage that is under discussion in Britain:

In response to the Government Equalities Office Consultation, The Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom has stated that it cannot support the proposal relating to same-sex civil marriage, listing the following items for careful consideration: 

  1. While this current Consultation attempts to reassure by claiming that “the Government does not propose to open up religious marriage to same-sex couples”, the term ‘marriage’ in itself is one that has been utilised within a religious context
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