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Gonzalez Augustine Book Cover

Latin American View of Augustine - a Review

by Alberto Garcia

Introducción a la teología mestiza de San Agustín. Justo L. González. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2013. Pp. 161.
We are already accustomed to expect scholarly and ground breaking contributions in the areas of Church history and U.S. Latino/Hispanic theology when reading Justo González’s volume of work. This volume, by way of an introduction, will not disappoint us. It offers to church historians and theologians alike a new way in approaching our Western theological tradition for our edification and pastoral work. González accomplishes this goal by interpreting Augustine, who is considered the theologian par excellence in the development of Western theology, through

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African Journal Online

African Journals Online

by Joel Elowsky

There is a resource that our readers may already be aware of. However in case they are not, I would like to direct them to a resource online that has many of the same goals as the CEAC. There is a website devoted to African Journals Online. It notes, as we do, the intellectual flow largely from North to South and West to East. But such a flow of information has largely overlooked the value of scholarship the continent of Africa itself has to offer.  The journal states: "Historically, scholarly information has

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