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Abyssinian Christianity Book Cover

Ethiopian Christianity

by Joel Elowsky

When the Center for Early African Christianity formed during the last decade, it was decided that a consultation should be held on the continent of Africa. The question was where such a meeting should be held. It was decided that the logical place was to be Addis Ababa in Ethiopia because Ethiopia had not only one of the earliest Christian communities in sub-Saharan Africa, but also one of the most enduring. Abyssinian Christianity by Abba Abraham Buruk Woldegaber and Mario Alexis Portella (Pismo Beach, CA: BP Editing, 2012) chronicles, explores and analyzes much of that history of both Ethiopia and

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History of Ethiopia - Socrates Scholasticus

by Joel Elowsky

Socrates Scholasticus, Historia Ecclesiastica, 1.19.
In what Manner the Nations in the Interior of India were Christianized in the Times of Constantine.
WE must now mention in what manner Christianity was spread in this emperor’s reign: for it was in his time that the nations both of the Indians in the interior, and of the Iberians first embraced the Christian faith. But I shall briefly explain why I have used the appended expression in the interior. When the apostles went forth by lot among the nations, Thomas received the apostleship of the Parthians; Matthew was allotted Ethiopia; and

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The Roots of Nubian Christianity

The Roots of Nubian Christianity Run Deep and Early

by Joel Elowsky

Salim Faraji. The Roots of Nubian Christianity Uncovered: The Triumph of the Last Pharaoh. Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2012.

Salim Faraji begins his exploration of the roots of Nubian Christianity with a quote from Vol. 1 of Michael Botwinick’s, Africa in Antiquity:
“How can we fail to be moved by the dramatic course of this [Nubian] civilization? It is ironic that it is barely a pinprick on contemporary consciousness. We speak, after all, not of a civilization that had a brief moment. Nubia flourishes more than five hundred years before the building of the great pyramids of Egypt and continues

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Thomas Oden

Core Hypothesis of Center for Early African Christianity

by Joel Elowsky with Thomas Oden

When the CEAC was first organized, one of the first issues we struggled with was whether or not we were needed or not. We knew that that were very talented scholars and church leaders in Africa who would be capable of carrying on the work we were proposing.

We decided to hold a consultation in 2008 to consult with these scholars and church leaders. We invited key leaders from all different parts of Africa and from many different denominations, including Coptic, Ethiopian, Catholics, Evangelicals, etc., both scholars and church leaders. Thomas Oden, the Director of the Center, presented the following core

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Ethiopian Double Sided Gospel Leaf

African Christianity in Ethiopia

by Joel Elowsky

Along with Egyptian Christianity, one of the longest and most enduring Christian cultures on the continent of Africa is that of the Ethiopian Church. Christian histories by Rufinus and Socrates Scholasticus tell us about how the kingdom of "India"  (the ancient name for Ethiopia) was converted to Christianity by Frumentius. The story, as reported by the ancient church historians Sozomen, Socrates Scholasticus and Theodoret can be read by following the links provided. There is, however, also the story told in art as can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Emma George

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Ethiopian DNA clues

DNA Evidence and the Queen of Sheba

by Joel Elowsky

Recent studies with DNA research point to a possible link of the Queen of Sheba with Ethiopia. DNA research may prove helpful in exploring other previously unidentified links with Africa that wil further help us understand Africa's unique contribution to our Judaeo-Christian heritage. You can find the article from the BBC by Helen Briggs in the link below:

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