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Values Statement

We believe if we accomplish our purpose the following will be achieved: It will be clear to the global Christian community that the intellectual achievements that occurred in Africa in the first millennium grounded the European intellectual tradition. Scholars will come to appreciate even more the role Africa played in the great Christian literary tradition of the early centuries of Christianity. While lip service has been paid to the African provenance of Tertullian, Cyprian and others, the implications of that provenance for 21st century global Christianity have not been adequately explored or appreciated. We believe we are uniquely positioned to highlight these implications and celebrate the textual tradition that has come out of Africa. Global Christians will be much more aware of the value of early African Christianity. Children of African villages and cities will understand that they have a distinguished tradition of ideas that flowed into modern life from early African Christianity. Traditional African religion can continue to be proud of the oral tradition that has developed on African soil while also claiming the significant literary history it has in answer to those elements on the continent of Africa and elsewhere who have tended to denigrate African Christian contributions to the philosophical, moral, and intellectual issues of the present day.